How Long Does It Take

Cleaning from collection to return takes approx 2 days, larger filters may take longer or very blocked filters may need to be processed twice.

How Much Does It Cost?

For a car the price is £150 plus VAT and for trucks/hgv's and buses it's £220 plus VAT, this includes free collection and delivery within a 35 mile radius of Pontefract. A further charge of £15 is applied for collection and delivery between 35 miles and 65 miles, outside the 65 mile radius courier charges will apply.

What is the "Trade Price?"

The prices above are the trade prices.

How and when do I pay?

We accept credit and debit cards. We call you when the DPF is cleaned and prepared for dispatch for payment. You can also accept cash on collection.

Is there any size limitation?

Due to the size of our equipment, the maximum length we cover is 1.35m x 0.75m width.

Can I bring my car to you to remove the filter?

We do have facilities on site to remove the filter, but due to demand there maybe a wait for our garage to do it. Invariably, you're better off going to your local garage to remove it for you, they'll also be able to resolve any reason why you're DPF isn't working as it should.

Do I remove the inside of the filter itself?

NO. Do not remove the filter from it's metal casing, the filter must be removed from the vehicle and either collected by us or sent to us, make sure all the sensors and metal parts have been removed. If you're not sure, you're local garage will do this for you.

Do you collect and return the filter.

We offer free collection and return of the filter within a 35 mile radius of our garage. 35 to 65 mile radius garners a £15 surcharge. Outside of this distance we can organise a courier at very competitive prices.

Can you pick up a filter straight away?

Within a 35 mile radius, yes we can. Always call us to book a slot before removing the DPF Filter from the vehicle to check availability.

How do I know the filter is cleaned?

We supply every clean filter with a certificate, we show the flow rates and weight before and after the cleaning process.

How clean can you get the filter.

In real terms we average out at between 90 and 95 percent of the flow rate. In some cases it can be higher.

Will cleaning the filter this way resolve the issues i'm having with my car?

Yes, in most cases it will. However, there maybe underlying reason that is causing premature blocking of the filter. These need to be addressed whether the filter you replace is one cleaned by us or a brand new filter. Driving style, incorrect oil, EGR Valve problems, sensor issues need to be addressed or any filter that you put back in the car will simply become blocked again.

Why should I have it cleaned rather than replaced with a new DPF Filter?

The saving costs are obvious, a dealer filter can cost up to £1600 before you even think of fitting. After market filters are clearly cheaper, but they may cause further problems as they suffer from premature blocking and may not fit the car perfectly. This causes further problems down the line. Cleaning your original dpf filter is environmentally friendly and retains the original back flow rate as we as perfect fitting. The original filter is cleaned to 90-95% of its original flow rate and if driven properly will last pretty much the same length of time as a new one.

Can I remove the DPF Filter completely?

Not really a good idea.

Do you check the filter before cleaning?

We visually inspect the filter using a bore scope, we also check the weight and flow rate.

What if the filter is damaged or you find you cannot clean the filter?

If we find the filter is damaged at any stage of the cleaning or inspection process we will inform  you immediately and the only cost to you is the shipping charges if any apply. 

100% MOT Safe. Comes with a certificate of cleanliness, engraving to the exhaust and your registration is registered with us for full "tracking" and remember, because your DPF is nearly 100% clean, it's less likely to fail the new MOT emissions tests than those cleaned by our competition ... we know all about the new MOT emissions tests because we're an authorised MOT Station.
Don't confuse what we do with "methods" that you've tried before, our system works. We remove the DPF from its casing for cleaning, we then clean the DPF in an ultrasonic bath until it's clean, then we weld the DPF back into it's case, test it for flow and return it to you.
Over 35% of DPF's that come to us have apparently been cleaned elsewhere.
Ultrasonic DPF Cleaning is the "only system that works across the board", cars, vans, commercial vehicles such as lorries, tractors and plant. If you're having issues with your DPF, call us today, we have the solution.


Ultrasonic DPF Cleaning £169 + VAT (Free collection and delivery of your DPF within a 35 mile radius)

DPF Diagnostics £55 (Free if you have full clean done by us)

*The Cheapest in the UK for Ultrasonic DPF Cleaning.

We offer a 12 month warranty on all "Full Cleans" done at our workshop. 100% MOT Safe.

My E Class Mercedes was diagnosed as having DPF issues and I was advised that a new DPF was required, i'm sure you can imagine the cost!

After some digging around I found this place and i'm delighted I did. The car is back to it's old self, they did a perfect job. Highly Recommended!

Russ N 

5 stars via Google Places.

Our DPF Cleaning Process

We run a step by step process on every DPF we clean. This includes:

  • Initial Inspection
  • Removal of the DPF from its casing (This involes cutting the casing open)
  • Pre-clean Weigh
  • Flow Test
  • Ultrasonic Clean
  • Filter Drying Process
  • Post-clean Weigh
  • Reinsertion of the DPF into its casing and associated welding
  • Post-clean Flow Test
  • Filter return with a full report