The DPF Cleaning Co |Pricing

We've decided to keep pricing as simple as possible ...

Full Ultrasonic DPF Clean, with associated read out is just £159 plus VAT, we think at that price we are by far the cheapest in the UK for what we offer.

Pick up and return delivery by one of our vans is absolutely free within a 35 mile radius.

If you're between a 35 mile and 100 mile radius, collection and return to you is just £50 extra.

Outside a 100 mile radius delivery and collection pricing is by application.

Diagnosis, full removal of the DPF, Ultrasonic Cleaning and reconditioning, Kiln Drying, refit of DPF and recalibration can be done at our premises. Pricing is £300 plus VAT for cars and £329 plus VAT for vans, SUV’s and 4x4's.

Commercial DPF Cleaning prices on request

Our DPF Cleaning Process

We run a step by step process on every DPF we clean. This includes:

  • Internal Inspection of the DPF Filter with an endoscope
  • Pre-clean Weigh
  • Flow Test
  • Ultrasonic Clean
  • Filter Drying Process
  • Post-clean Weigh
  • Post-clean Flow Test
  • Filter return with a full report

What we don't do is "DPF Removal" or what's commonly known as "DPF Delete". To find out why, click on the button below.